Cherilyn Kurtz was born on the 14 of July, 1987 in Camanche Iowa. She currently lives in Marion, IN. Kurtz primarily works with 35mm film. She enjoys the physicality of negatives, from loading the film, to processing and having a tangible catalogue of images. Kurtz believes there is a depth specific to the medium, a soul vacant in digital captures. Black and white film is an obsession of late, she enjoys removing the familiar comfort of color and likens it dipping French fries in mid-tone gray ketchup. This past fall her newest series Robert Koons joined others in an exhibition titled Townies at the 1920 gallery.


The ongoing body of work titled, “Shelly Seashore” is a selection of Shel Silverstein poems from Where the Side Walk Ends. The photographs are adapted directly from illustrations like Sleeping Sardines and interpreted from           stand-alone poems. These impossibly odd scenarios were constructed and photographed as though they were reported sightings. Presently I am completing Robert Koons. Producing art as though an unknown cousin of Jeff Koons existed. A smart-aleck man I named Robert. The mammoth-sized, shiny, multi-colored balloon animal sculpture’s belonging to Jeff are arguably his most recognizable works. Robert constructs low-tech mimics of the sculptures using aluminum foil, covering basic objects like lawn chairs and tomatoes on the vine. The photographs are taken as though Robert was finding his way through the dark with a flashlight.




– CV available upon request –