Cherilyn Kurtz was born on the 14 of July, 1987 in Camanche Iowa. Since completing her degree in 2009 Kurtz has almost exclusively worked with 35mm film, black and white her current obsession. She enjoys removing the familiar comfort of color and likens it dipping French fries in a mid-tone gray ketchup. Her most recent body of work titled Robert Koons involves making work under the guise of a fictional cousin of Jeff Koons. She joined others in an exhibition this Summer at the Indianapolis Art Center and will have pieces up at The 1920 Gallery opening October 6th. She currently lives in Marion, IN with her husband and one year old daughter, Iris.

I experience the photograph as a means to place temporary sets and sculptures in the realm of 2D permanence. Subject matter varies as I research literature and advertising, fabricate a fictional family member of a very real person or remember the threat chewing gum poses to hair. I am driven by the need to resolve curiosities and portray fiction as truth. The ominous aesthetic of the work adds a bit of ironic tension to the otherwise amusing subjects.


CV available upon request